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Case Study

Innovolt Reduces Service Costs and Increases Vending Machine Uptime and Revenue for Southern Refreshments Services

Southern Refreshments Services conducted a trial with Innovolt’s power protection solutions and experienced a 42% relative reduction in ALL service...

Case Study

Innovolt Increases Availability and Reduces Trouble Tickets in ATMs

See how a regional northeastern consumer bank increased availability and reduced trouble tickets and reboots after installing Innovolt’s power prot...

Case Study

ITR Ensures Performance of Essential Parking Equipment with Integration of Innovolt Technology

As a trusted provider of automated parking, access and revenue control systems, ITR relies heavily on the uptime and reliability of its technology so...

Case Study

IVM Partners with Innovolt to Improve Reliability of Critical Technology

In addition to traditional vending, IVM offers technologically advanced systems that can reduce expenses by utilizing vending-based supply distributi...

Case Study

Vending Success Story

After installation of Innovolt’s power protection solution, Gulf Coast Canteen saw a 48% reduction in service calls and a significant increase in a...

Case Study

Innovolt Reduces ATM Service Calls and Downtime

See how one of the world’s largest owner and operators of ATMs reduced service calls by 46% and reduced downtime by 55% after installing Innovolt p...

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