The Cost of Cheap Protection

Why should you care about power protection? Here are some key facts about the impact of insufficient power protection.

Power Outages Cost U.S. Business Up to

$164 Billion

per year

Power Quality Issues Cost U.S. Business Up to

$24 Billion

per year

On Average


Downtime and Service Call Reductions

Innovolt Protects from All Five Forms of Power Disturbances

While most people are familiar with surges and outages, these disruptions only represent a small percent of power disturbances. The chart below breaks down the average occurrence of each type of power disturbance. Unlike other products, our solutions protect against all five.

Machine Lockups and Systems Malfunctions
Catastrophic Damage
Catastrophic Damage and Premature Failure
Premature Failure and Phantom Errors
Machine Lockups and Systems Malfunctions

Innovolt For Office Equipment

Innovolt offers companies that specialize in office technology a competitive advantage by improving efficiency and managing incremental costs.

Print-Quality Fewer-Calls

Frequently Asked Questions

Our industry-leading solutions are backed by years of research. Learn more about how Innovolt’s solutions can save you time and money.

How does Innovolt offer incremental protection beyond the power supply?

Most power protection solution technologies today are over 20 years old and have been incorporated into manufacturer’s power supplies. Innovolt’s state-of-the-art digital processing technologies not only identify but remediate all power disturbances that can affect machine uptime and cost of ownership.

How does Innovolt provide info to help resolve service calls more quickly?

Tracking and reporting power disturbances helps technicians determine quickly whether power issues are causing errors using their smartphone, not a costly separate box and laptop. This means quicker time to resolution and data to share with customers about what’s actually going on within their four walls.

How does Innovolt allow growth without increasing fixed costs?

Through proven reductions in service calls, dealers and manufacturers can profitably grow their businesses in this extremely competitive environment without sacrificing geographic coverage or responsiveness.

General Testimonial

Memphis, TN
"The codes stopped when a competing product was replaced with Innovolt and the services calls stopped. The machines are running as they should and the customer bought 20+ more Innovolt devices."
OEM Field Technical Service Manager
Memphis, TN

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